24 high-ranking monks from Bhutan on trip to India

A delegation of 24 high-ranking Bhutanese monks arrived in Kolkata on a tour of various Buddhist holy sites in India.

Buddhism is not only the state religion of the Kingdom of Bhutan but also a way of life, Venerable Ugen Namgyal, the secretary of the Central Monastic Body of Bhutan, told PTI.

“We try to live in the footsteps of the Buddha… For us, Buddhism is a way of life. Even our arts and architecture reflect our religious traditions,” Venerable Ugen Namgyal

The International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) in coordination with the Central Monastic Body of Bhutan has organized the trip for the monks who head the Buddhist Sangha in each of the districts in the panoramic Himalaya, which lies sandwiched between India’s West Bengal and Tibet.

International Buddhist Confederation is the biggest religious Buddhist confederation, based in Delhi, India. The architect of the International Buddhist Confederation is Lama Lobzang. This confederation is the first organization which unites Buddhists from the whole world.

The monks, led by IBC’s deputy secretary-general Venerable Jang Chup Choden and Ven Namgyal, will visit various Buddhist sites in India, including the NagarjunaKonda in Andhra Pradesh, Buddhavanam in Telangana and Sankissa in Uttar Pradesh.


‘Zhung Dratshang’ or the Central Monastic Body of Bhutan was established in 1620. The unification of the country, codification of the laws, and organizational development of the dual system of governance took place only after the establishment of this significant institution.

According to Bhutan’s Constitution, the ‘Zhung Dratshang’ is an autonomous institution, financed by an annual grant from the royal government.

India is the land of Buddhism where Gautam Buddha lived and get enlightened. This tour will link the great tradition of Buddhism in India and Bhutan.

The tour will conclude on November 30.

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